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                                                                 Chadeau Mountain's Show Mares

                                    ******************************************New as of 11-19-08**************************************

Just in from Ontario Canada, another purchase from Lisa Curle of Wellington Clydedales.  This HUGE 2007 mare out of Maple Stone Excel and Maple Stone Ally's Delight.  Introducing
Wellington Delightfull Dora.  This big bodied and tall stylish filly will be a great addition to our foundation of show/breeding mares.  Update - Dora is now a 4yr heavy in foal with her first pregnancy due mid March of this yr.  Ultrasound shows a filly, of course!  

                                                                                                                                            Dora's Pedigree    
                                                                                  5th place All-American 2 yr Mares

                                                                         Dora has been bred to Robyncroft Perfect Son for a 2011 foal.  Stay tuned for breeding results!!
                                                                              2nd Honorable Mention ALL-American Award 2011!!
                                                                                                                       Scotchwind P.S. Grace
                                                                                                                        SBH Phoenix X  Maplewood Sandy
                                     Grand Champion Mare LA County Fair - Pomona 2007                                   Grand Champion Mare LA County Fair - Pomona 2008

                               UPDATE 9-2010....Grace won 1st place, Sr Champ, Grand Champion Mare, Pomona, CA
                               UPDATE 2011........Grace won Supreme Mare Rocky Mtn, 3rd World Clydesdale Show
                                                          2nd Honorable Mention All-American Yeld Mare 2011 !!!!

1st Place 2yrs & Under Mare - Grass Valley 2004              1st Place, Grand Chmp Mare/Geld/Filly/Colt - Ventura 2005
Reserve Grand Champion Mare - Grass Valley 2004          2nd Place, Rocky Mountain Regional Show - 2yr Mares
1st Place Yrlng Mare - Pamona 2004                                   1st Place 2yr mares, Pomona 2005
Reserve Jr Champion Mare - Pamona 2004                          Jr Champion Mare, Pomona 2005
                                                                                                  Grand Champion Mare, Pomona 2005

Reserve Champ Mare - Ventura 2006                                                                                                                Grand Chmp Mare - Ventura 2007
Reserve Champ Mare - Grass Valley 2006                                                                                                        2nd place - Rocky Mountain 2007
1st Place 3yr Mare - LA County Pomona 2006                                                                                                 1st Place, Reserve Sr, Reserve Grand - LA County Pomona 2007
Reserve Senior Champion Mare  & Reserve Grand Champion Mare - LA County Pomona 2006
1st Place Broodmare - LA County Fair Pomona 2006                                                                                     1st Place Broodmare, Sr. Champ, Grand Champ - LA County Pomona 2008

As a crowning acheivement, this yr, Grace won Grand Champion Mare at the Los Angeles County Fair against tough competition.  This was just an affirmation of the quality and style that she posesses.  
                ***************************************Chadeau Mountain Lady Victoria**********************************************************
                                                                                                  2008 Filly by Doura Above All  X Scotchwind
                       4 Months old   1st Place Rocky Mountain                              5 Months    1st place LA County Fair Pomona 2008

Victoria completed the 08 show season with another 1st place win at Pomona. She and her Dam, Grace, also won 1st place in the Mare and Foal class. This flashy filly is the product of quality proven bloodlines.  This filly is also in next yr's plans for major shows.

                                                                                           Victoria 4/09 Very Heads Up!
                              Introducing Cornerview's Patty - 6yr Mare out of Solomon's Beaureguard                                                           

                                                                                                    LA County Fair 2008   1st Place 4yr Mare
                                                                    Patty won Supreme Mare at the Rocky Mountain Regional Clyde Show 2007

                                                    Patty at the Royal 2006                                                     Patty's Pedigree                                                 Patty Yrlng  2005

                Patty has an extensive show record from Canada placing 4th and 5th All Canadian in 05 and 06 respectively.  Many Thanks to Palmer's for offering this mare to us.


                                          6months                     Chadeau Mountain Sensational Reign                 20 Months


                                                                                                                2005  IMPORTED YRLNG FILLY!
                                                                                                  Introducing Woodhouse Faith a Imported Yearling Filly.
                                                                   Woodhouse Faith Pedigree                                               1st Place - Rocky Mountain Regional Show - Yrlng Filly

                                Faith is due to foal within 2 weeks with her second foal by Sonny 2/16/12