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Our Stallion
     Robyncroft Perfect Son            AKA: Sonny
                                                                            5th place ALL-AMERICAN  2006  &  2007   
                                                                 2008 ALL-AMERICAN Reserve Champion Stallion
                                          *************2010 ALL-AMERICAN Champion Stallion***********
    This magnificent stallion was bred by Dr. Joseph Schwartz of Robyncroft Clydesdales in WI.  I purchased Sonny as a yearling and have shown him extensively every yr. Sonny has proven that bloodlines and genetics are what counts when it comes to breeding championship horses.  This boy has it ALL!  Markings, color, feather, foot, action, potency, pedigree pedigree pedigree!  Check out his show record below and you will see how remarkable this stallion has proven to be.  His foals are looking VERY nice and we are expecting great progeny in Sonny's future.  Sonny's foals photos are here Take a look!


Oct 2007 - Once again, Sonny has proven his quality in the show ring.  We traveled to the World Clydesdale Show in Madison, WI where he placed 2nd. Only to be beaten by Freedom's Majestic horse from Quebec Canada.  Sonny also was awarded 4th in the stallion cart class at the WCS.  


                                                   Quote from Roger LeClaire of Green Leaf Farms - "Sonny was bred to be a Champion"

                          National Western Stock Show 2007 - Reserve Grand Champion               Rocky Mountain Regional- Odgen UT 2007 - Reserve Chmp & Reserve Grand
                                                                                                                                                                         * Best American Bred Stallion*

Del Mar June 2004                                                  Ventura 2005                                                          Ventura 2007
2nd Place Stallion 2yr                                                                                 1st Place 3 & over stallions - all breeds                         1st Place, Grand Champ Stallion - all Breeds
Ventura Draft Horse Show August 2004              Grand Champion Stallion - all breeds
1st Place 2yr Stallion - all breeds
Grand Champion Stallion - all breeds - all ages
Rocky Mountain Regional August 2004               Rocky Mountain Regional 2005                              Rocky Mountain Regional 2007
1st Place 2yr Stallion     All American Qualifying                                     1st Place 3yr Stallion   All American Qualifying              2nd Place, Reserve Sr Chmp, Reserve Grand Chmp
Jr. Champion Stallion - 2yrs and under                                                      Reserve Senior Stallion                                                                   Best American Bred Stallion
Reserve Grand Champion Stallion - all ages                                                                                                                                                               All-American Qualifying
 Grass Valley Classic Sept 2004                           LA  County Fair Pomona 2005                                                    
1st Place Stallion- 2yrs and under    All American Qualifying                 1st Place 3 & over stallions  All American Qualifying                            
Reserve Grand Champion Stallion                                                              Senior Champion Stallion
LA County Fair Pomona Sept 2004                       Reserve Grand Champion Stallion                                     LA County Fair Pomona 2007
1st Place 2yr Stallion - All American Qualifying                                                                                                                                              2nd Place, Reserve Sr and Reserve Grand Chmp
Jr Champion Stallion                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Grand Champion Stallion - all ages
Great Lakes International Oct 2004 -                    Ventura 2006                                                          World Clydesdale Show 2007
3rd Place!!!!!!!!!!- All American Qualifying            1st Place & Grand Champ - all breeds               2nd Place - All American Qualifying
                                                                                      Grass Valley 2006                                                 Rocky Mountain Regional 2008
                                                                                      1st Place & Grand Champ Clyde                        1st Place, Sr. Champ, Grand Champ
                                                                                      Reserve Champ - all breeds-                                          SUPREME CHAMP - all breeds
                                                                                                                         all american qualifying                                                                              all American qualifying

                                                                                      LA County Fair Pomona 2006                              Western Regional 2008
                                                                                      1st Place & Senior Champ - all American Qualifying      1st Place, Sr. Chmp, Grand Champ
                                                                                      Grand Champion Clyde Stallion                            Best American Bred Stallion
                                                                                      1st Place Cart - Prep Class                                   all American qualifying
                                                                                                                                                                         LA County Fair Pomona 2008
                                                                                                                                                                         1st place, Sr Chmp, Grand Chmp
                                                                                                                                                                          all american qualifying
left-Sonny Starts the 2008 season with 1st, Sr Chmp, Grand Chmp, and Supreme Stallion at the Rocky Mountain Regional Clydesdale Show in Ogden UT.  right- Western Regional Show in Monroe, WA - 1st, Sr Chmp, Grand Champ, Best American Bred Stallion
                                                           2010 MGLI Lansing, MI  1st Place, Reserve Senior Champ

The final show for our 08 season produced an unbeaten record for Robyncroft Perfect Son. Not only did he win 1st in his classes but continued on to place Grand Champion Stallion in all 3 shows. Now 6yrs old, Sonny has blossomed into the magnificent stallion that not only did I see as a yrlng, but also as he has proven many times over in the show ring.  His hocks and hind legs are still clean and flat.  His foals seem to be carrying this clean great hock along with a great head and abundance of feathering.


Sonny's show record speaks "quality and style".  His sire Fusilier passed away this spring leaving this impressive son to continue a legacy of Ayton Perfection blood and quality.  The foals Sonny has sired are looking great with promise and we are anticipating his progeny to be very competitive.  Four out of his first foals have been fillies.  Research his pedigree, look at his show record, factor in his color - markings - style, and you'll see Robyncroft Perfect Son is the next stallion to breed with your mares.

UPDATE- 2004 All-American 2yr stallion placement, Sonny was 4th in the Nation!  His full sister Robyncroft Lady Newberg
                  was voted "All-American 3yr Mare" for 2004.
UPDATE- 3/2005 - Sonny's semen analysis for shipping came back with GREAT numbers.  40% motility @ 48hrs and he's a month shy of 3 yrs old!  Anyone planning on A.I. this season should really take a hard look.  Also - We have requests from Australia for frozen semen from Sonny so his genetics are becoming Internationally recognized!
UPDATE- 6/2006- A.I. shipments have 100% conception rate on the 1st shipment.  We realize this has to do much with the vet/mare but also it helps to have viable semen with GREAT motility. Sonny's has it!
UPDATE- 10/2006 - Sonny's 2007 foal with P.S. Scotchwind Grace has been SOLD in-utero!  This speaks volumes to the quality and the desire for superior genetics.  
UPDATE-2007- Sonny was awarded 5th place All-American status for the 2nd yr in a row.  Again, another testament to the quality and pedigree of this magnificent horse.
UPDATE-2008- Sonny's full brother tops National Clyde Sale as the top selling gelding for 20K. Show season has begun and Sonny is starting with the ultimate win at Rocky Mountain Regional in Ogden, UT.  Sr. Chmp - Grand Chmp - Supreme Chmp Satllion.  His colt off Woodhouse Faith is looking very promising and we are expecting great results in the weanling classes as well.
Update-2009- All-American awards were released on 2/2/09. Sonny placed Reserve Champion for the show season of 2008.  A crowning achievement awarded by not just one judge but a culmination of all judges throughout the nation.  
UPDATE-2010- At 8 yrs of age, Sonny continues to show and win Championships.  Supreme Champion at the Rocky Mountain Regional, 1st Place and Reserve Senior Champion at the Michigan Great Lake International. Reserve Senior Champion at International Draft and Mule Show in Pomona, CA.  This is remarkable for a stallion of his age to continue winning throughout his show career.  We are very excited to have 9 Sonny foals expecting in 2011.  Shipped semen is performing excellent with all mares settling.  
UPDATE-2/2011-Sonny was awarded the prestigous ALL-AMERICAN status for the 2010 season.  This is one of the highest honors and highlites available for Clydesdales in North America.  Sonny has 2 foals on the ground this yr with 5 more yet to arrive.     
Sonny's genetics come from the breeding below.  If genetics are important to you, take a moment and study the information below.  His pedigree is second to none!  The draft horse Journal link is definitely worth a few minutes of your time to appreciate what quality genetics are all about.   

                                                      Hillmoor Fusilier - Sire                   Schwartzdale Favourite - Dam

Sonny is sired by Fusilier who is a son of Ayton Perfection.  Fusilier continues to produce quality foals that have always been among show winners across the country.   Sonny's pedigree speaks for itself.  Anyone who is schooled in Clydesdale bloodlines will recognize the potential on his breeding alone.  Then you add his color, style, markings, action, "UNBELIEVABLE!"

UPDATE 6/06  Hillmoor Fusilier (Sonny's sire) passed away at 17yrs of age.  A true champion leaving a legacy unparalleled by few.

Sonny's Dam- Schwartzdale Favourite-exciting show mare from the great Carson's Delight mare family (their mothers are full sisters). All American Nominee in 2000 and Draft Horse Journal trophy winner at the National show for top 3 y/o mare bred-and-owned by exhibitor. By Greendykes Intrepid, a champion in 3 countries, who is a direct son of the great Doura Sir Charles.

Greendykes Intrepid - Sonny's maternal G.Sire   Ayton Perfection - Sonny's paternal G.Sire

Check out Sonny's Pomona Photo and the Ayton Perfection shot above.  The resemblance is just amazing! Ayton Perfection is the most recognized name in Clydesdale bloodlines.  His progeny contain more champions than any other Clydesdale stallion. Sonny continues this winning record in his 6th yr of showing.  Contact us for any questions regarding breeding to this magnificent stallion.