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Photo Album

NEW*******  Here is an online photo album with lots of our photos.  Please click on this link to visit and see *********
                                                     Shutterfly Photos Chadeau Mountain Clydesdales

     We have posted photos that we believe truly show what are horses are about and what we do with them.  The house has more photos and ribbons and awards hanging from the walls than of kids and family!

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Just  4 Fun

The latest member to join our group of personnel - Christine Froehlich - Clydesdale owner and enthusiast, show groupie, and unofficial publicist - promotional manager, graphic art and advertizing editor.  Welcome aboard Christine!
10/07 - Christine just purchased her first show mare from the World Clydesdale Show in Madison, WI.  Check out our "mare" page to see Miss Crystal Gayle from Ozarks Royal Clydesdales.

The first Clyde I ever owned and her second filly.  Scarlett went to a very nice family in Orange County. She was a gorgeous mare with lots of spirit.