Chadeau Mountain Clydesdales       
                                                                                             ************ 2010 ALL-AMERICAN STALLION************
                                                   Home to the West Coast's most awarded Clydesdale Breeding Stallion - Robyncroft Perfect Son

   Welcome to our new web page.  A lot of changes have taken place since our debut to the world wide web. We invite you to browse through our modest site and  please feel free to contact us regarding any questions or inquiries regarding Clydesdales.  If we can't help you, we'll try to find you answers or put you in contact with a breeder who might have what you're looking for.

    HISTORY-  I became interested in owning my first clydesdale after attending a 3-day seminar in Southern California where Barry Ferrell came and spoke to all who attended.  Barry has a long history with the Budweiser Clydesdales and is quite respected among long time breeders.  After the seminar, I was hooked!  I had to have my own Clydesdale.  With help from the Clydesdale Breeders Association, I located a breeder in Idaho who had foals for sale at a price I could afford.  The next week I borrowed a buddy's truck and horse trailer and headed for Idaho.  I had intentions of purchasing one foal but ended up with two and headed back for California.  All of this might not seem unusual for the horse enthusiast but I had never owned a horse in my life, let alone a draft horse.  You can just imagine the trials and pitfalls one could run into.  With a lot of help from good friends and a lot of advice (some good and some not so good) it's been a long 15 yrs. of learning, heartbreak, and mostly joy of the companionship of these magnificent creatures.

   GOAL- We are striving to produce quality bay Clydesdales that can compete in the show ring.  After 15 yrs. of buying, selling, breeding and showing we have found that it takes tons of money and then some luck thrown in for good measure.  The majority of the folks that contact us looking for a clydesdale are looking for a clydesdale that can be ridden.  They want one that is not necessarily show quality but broke to ride/drive.  They also are looking for the typical solid bay with four white feet.  These types of horses are not that plentiful.  Breeders like to keep these to put in their hitches or use for their own breeding purposes.  This is where the tons of money comes in to play.  Everything is for sale (at the right price).

2004- I set out to purchase a new future show/breeding mare.  I was unable to locate anything that I "just had to have".  I was visiting TFC Clydesdales when I found and just absolutely "had to have" Robyncroft Perfect Son (Sonny).  Sharlene and Rich made me an offer I couldn't refuse and Sonny now lives in sunny California.  We are thrilled at the opportunity to have such a well bred perfectly marked Clydesdale stallion with such potential.  Please see "Our Stallion" to find out more about Sonny.


Currently - We have 5 young mares.  A Phoenix X Maplewood Sandy daughter and an imported 4 yr. filly and a Canadian 4yr mare out of Beaureguard.   Two of these mares are currently bred to Sonny for 09 foals. Please have a look at our Mares page to see our latest Canadian imported mare along with current foals in-utero. Also, just acquired from Wellington Clydesdales in Ontario, a tremendous young mare with excellent breeding.  Stay tuned for any news on future breeding and show mares!  Sonny's foals are hitting the ground running with his spirit and refined headset.  We are seeing lots of feather and hair that also is being passed to his progeny. We have had quite a few visitors this yr and hope that if you are ever in So. Calif,  don't hesitate to stop by and see our horses in person.


2008- This was a great yr for showing at the 3 shows we attended including 2 Regionals.  Highlites 10-1st places, 5-2nd's, 7-Grand Championships, 3-Reserve Championships, 1-Supreme Champion and 1 Best Amercan Bred Award.  Many many thanks to all who helped to make this yr's show season a GREAT success.

2010- We attended 3 shows this yr with the final show being the MGLI show in Lansing MI.  Sonny capped off this show season by winning his class at Lansing and Reserve SR Champion.    Grace took all Honors at L.A. County Fair this yr to include Grand Champion Mare.  Reign showed very well this yr also.  She had 1 st, 1-2nd and a couple Jr Champion awards.

Thank you for visiting our new site.  We hope you have enjoyed reading and seeing what we are about.  Please leave any comments and do send us an email or telephone for more information.  We are always available to talk Clydesdales and help people realize dreams can become reality!!  We attend the National Sale and always see LOTS of nice horses.  The sale is held every April in Springfield, IL.  Anyone contemplating purchasing a Clydesdale or just researching before making the plunge, this is a must one stop shop see it all Clydesdale event.